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Learn How to Dowse with a Pendulum

Dowsing is centuries old and many huge companies use it nowadays due to its efficacy in skilled hands.

Marie uses a pendulum and taught herself over many years working with herself, her own animals then eventually with other people and other animals.

Her experience blossomed through endless practice and now says 'she would be lost without it' and trusts it implicitly and without doubt.

Let Marie teach you at your own pace, in expert hands from never using a pendulum to using one but always unsure of your answer?

The session(s) are tailor made to you depending on your needs, so Marie offers flexibility.

The ebook download took months of work and development as a great introduction and resource into using a pendulum.

For example, Maries' 'Yes' or affirmative response is a clockwise direction, with some people it may be a different response which she can help and guide you with this. You will work via skype or zoom and practice together and you can also 'shadow' Marie with your pendulum.

Contact Marie to request your own needs with dowsing at whatever level. A first session of 90 minutes is £75.00 and optional follow up sessions at £50.00 for 90 minutes when and if you need them. by mutual appointment. 

If you wish to learn to use the pendulum with animals, particularly with animal communication, there is more information here.


First 90 minutes session £75.00

Buy your first session of 90 minutes here, includes email contact to determine a unique plan for yourself, your own needs and requirements and ebook with full information to use for animals or self.

Follow up sessions £50.00

If you want any further sessions, then you can buy one here at 90 minutes for £50.00



Marie will teach you through Yes, No, Neutral and No Response


Marie will teach you how to practice

And how to trust your response if you have more experience

Learn Animal Communication & Pendulum here.