'Tap & Shop for Everything including Animals'


EFT Accredited Courses with Master Trainer of Trainers

Interested in learning Emotional Freedom Techniques or simply known as EFT or more commonly Tapping?

Then why not learn with Marie Holliday who is a Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT International (formerly AAMET International) of over 16 years. Marie is an expert in EFT specialising in serious illness with people and working with animals and tapping.

Marie teaches mainly in England where she regularly visits and Spain her home where courses can be arranged even around when you are visiting with many people incorporating a holiday.

Marie is absolutely passionate about EFT using it virtually every day and you can read more about her dramatic introduction to tapping when she was seriously ill here. You will see why she loves to share this simple to learn technique with everyone!

Her courses are friendly yet professional where Marie shares her tips, vast experiences and knowledge with you. The courses are accredited and Marie is an approved professional trainer and mentor with the largest association worldwide EFT International. Importantly, all courses are adhered to by trainers with EFT Internationals' competencies, curriculum and syllabi, Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct.

You can learn at any level from Foundational level for yourself to an EFT Practitioner working with the public.

You are in very safe hands with Marie who treats everyone as individuals with individual backgrounds, needs and learning styles.

Marie has two EFT sites that you are welcome to browse through for information. The Training site can be found on these links below:

  • Foundational Training Level 1 for your own use then read here for full information & fees & Level 2 followed by Accreditation towards professional Practitioner here.

FREE Tapping Guide from EFT International association can be found here.

For General EFT information then visit Maries website here.

There will be lots of questions you need to ask, so please feel free to drop Marie a message at no obligation on the Contact Form below here.

NEW EFT Online!

EFT International (EFTi) is now allowing EFT Courses Online. This is to allow continued training from the largest EFT provider worldwide. Courses will be accredited and follow competencies, syllabus, ethics and all the criteria you would expect from the leading provider.

Marie Holliday is an EFT International Master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi and is currently waiting for full instructions from EFTi to update her courses to online which should be fairly soon.

Training will be equally as rigorous and the same exacting standards offered.

There will be Foundational Level 1 which can be used for yourself.

Level 2 can work towards Practitioner ( Level 1 is a pre requisite) professional level (or follow up for own more advanced use)

Level 3 is the Advanced Practitioner ( Both Levels 1 & 2 are required)

A FREE Tapping Guide from EFT International association can be found here.

Please state your interest, at no obligation, by completing the contact registration below to receive full updates & information on this new online training.

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