Free Resources

Marie is an experienced Trainer and Master Trainer of Trainers with AAMET International.
She loves to develop course material for her sessions and clients and over the years has built up a wealth of handouts and suggestions etc she would like you all to enjoy and use.

Originally as a Trainer of Trainers with companies such as Chamber of Commerce UK, this was part of the job role and trainers development and she considers it an essential part of being a Trainer and using with students or clients or presentations/workshops.
All Marie asks is that her name, details and rights are preserved as integral to the handouts, resources you may download here freely.

The Energy Exchange Photograph Techniques

  • Introduction to using EFT with photographs, images and even X Rays that Marie presented at Masterclass 2007 and developed many years before and now teaches in more depth due to its amazing efficacy even with people not presenting emotions
  • Download an original pdf of these techniques here

Simple Surrogate Tapping Aid Resource Download

  • Here is a simple Surrogate Tapping Aid for Animals with basic steps to download
 Surrogate Tapping Aid Form (5).pdf (469 kB)


The CASTaway Technique

  • This is a CALM & soothing yet powerful technique I developed many years ago using points on the chest including the thymus and sore points. The thymus is the main gland that receives stress precursors so is a vital point to tap on. It is also an energiser point.
  • Sore points are covered and you receive the benefits of these points with PR
  • The Arm point is interesting and not used in EFT but I have been advised by a breast cancer nurse that it helps to relieve toxins when a diagonal line is massaged between the sore points and arm point. This arm point is located where the arm joins the chest-so I often tap between them
  • Just use as for continuous tapping around these points for minutes even whilst watching TV etc


   the cast away technique.pdf (343582)

Here are two handouts for Palace of Possibilities session.

  1. The first one is Limiting Beliefs download. This is a simple yet effective way of having a student or client use the two handouts concurrently. If any limiting beliefs, tailenders or negative thoughts arise then write them on this sheet and continue to earse with EFT. These can be checked regularly to ensure they have been eliminated.
  2. The second simple handout is a Palce of Possibilities. The student or client starts to design their own POP Affirmation. When the affirmation is realistic yet ´stretched´ enough to incorporate their dream no matter how simple then this can be read out aloud and tapped along with-if any tailenders or negative thought patterns come along then they are put on the Limiting Beliefs page and eliminated with tapping. Eventually the POP Affirmation will be ´real´ and vivid.
POPLimiting beliefs.jpg (209,7 kB)
 Your Palace of Possibilities.jpg (118 kB)