EFT Sessions for Animals by Skype

Animals respond beautifully to energy work such as EFT. It is so simple and effective to use surrogately or tapping ´on´ the animal.
What can you work with by Skype?
  • Anxiety, stress
  • Behavioural issues
  • Trauma
  • Travel
  • Abandonment issues
  • Owner-companion problems
  • Illness
What does a session include with Marie?
  • Complimenatry consultation about your family companions isue, by email (or Skype)
  • Personalised and individual help for your companion
  • One hour by Skype working with energy techniques and your animal
  • Teach you how to basically help your companion with the techniques
  • Follow up support by email throughout sessions
  •  3 Follow up sessions of surrogate work for your companion if required (by Marie and followed up with information)
  • Includes a complimenatry 40 page illustrated ebook of ´Animal Energy Techniques´ by Marie Holliday
  • Includes a surrogate guide for your own use if you wish
  • Testimonials 
  • All the above are offered at 49,95 euro and this is Option 1
  • If you wish to have a personalised photo of your companion with tapping points that you can use 
  • If you would like to include an hour Skype session for yourself as the owner then this is Option 2 at 75,00 euro
  • If you want to purchase a personalised photograph of your pet to help with the sessions you can purchase at 9,95 euro or get more information here
What does it not include?
  • Guarantee of companions betterment healthwise
Important factor
  • All appointments and sesions are based on the understanding that the owner has visited a veterinary professional in the first instance and taken their professional advice
  • That any medical treatment and medication continue to be undertaken as discussed with their vet
  • Any sessions do not take the place of expert professional advice from your vet.
  • Sign a Disclaimer prior to the session

Skype session for your Companions Bereavement.

Our animals are so precious to us and become such a huge part of our families and day to day life.
We look after them, care for them , teach them, feed them and look after their every needs so dutifully.
Why would we not grieve for them, its a normal process yet can be so painful to us.
If you need help with this then please consider a Skype session.
I can offer an hour in the comfort of your home or two hour session of your choice timewise.
These sessions are all personalised and individual to you
One hour Option 1 by Skype includes:
  • Complimentary email with your issue
  • One hour Skype
  • Diagram of tapping points
  • Complimentary Demonstration of the points 
  • Follow up support  by email
  • Fee is 47,75 euro
Two hour Option 2 by Skype includes:
  • Includes as above for Option 1 above but 2 hours
  • Time used as you would like 
  • Fee Option 2 is 75,00 euro