AAMET International EFT Courses 

Marie is a certified Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers with AAMET International teaching accredited EFT Courses from Foundational level, through to Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Trainer status. The Certification is recognised worldwide and Marie travels to teach EFT.

Level 1 Foundational is a course for your own use including pre study

Level 2 Practitioner is a two day course studying towards Practitioner status. (Level 1 is a pre requisite) Level 2includes pre and post study. Professional status includes successful completion of on line multi choice exam, case studies, practice hours & CPDs.

Level 3 Advanced and The Art of Delivery course leading to advanced Practitioner status.

Marie teaches EFT internationally including UK, Spain and the Balearics.

Visit EFTSpain Training International for comprehensive information and fees on courses.

          Practitioner course, Ibiza                       Foundational course, Spain