Skype Sessions for your Animal Companions

Marie can work with your animal by Skype .
This involves working with you and asking questions giving feedback on the spot and working whilst your animal is there and comfortable-but this is not essential. 
Alternatively Marie likes a photo of the animal but again not essential just a personal preference 
Skype sessions are very productive as she can also work with the pet and the owner at the same time as sometimes the owner has many issues relating to their pet
Help for your pet by Skype?
  • Anxiety/fear issues
  • Behavioural problems
  • Confidence
  • Illness & Injuries
  • Emergency help eg following an accident
  • Negative emotions you will be unaware of that maybe trapped - they can be released
  • Discover hidden issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Relationship problems with other animals (and/or humans) in the household
Helping You,the owner with your pet by Skype?
  • Owners have many issues associated with their pets such as guilt, fear, anxiety and need to work through these
  • Their pets often carry the owner´s negative emotions- Marie can help find these & release them for you thus helping your animal friend and you
  • Develop a fuller and better relationship with your pet
  • Build a bridge of communication & understanding between owner and pet
If you have any enquiries please don´t hesitate to contact Marie at no obligation Or book a session below
Kind words are avialble here as to Maries work with animals over the many years. Free illustrated download here 
There are several options you can choose from ´timewise´ of one hour, one and half hours or two hours.
Also available a Bespoke Package of 4 hours to use how you want at mutually convenient times to be arranged
Pet Skype Session