Animal Associations

Marie has worked at several Animal Associations in Spain with the volunteers & their abandoned animals such as dogs.
She has shown them how to use EFT/tapping ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) with themselves and with the abandoned animals many of whom have been tortured, abused and left homeless to die on the streets.
Why does Marie take EFT into Animal Associations?
  • Everyone benefits from carers, volunteers and of course the animals
  • The whole environment becomes calmer
  • There is less stress & anxiety for carers & animals as EFT automatically is proven to reduce stress very quickly
  • As an expert & Master Trainer of Trainers with AAMET , she can teach you how to use EFT effectively in your association
What animal associations can benefit?
  • All associations who care & look after animals particularly abandoned, if you are unsure please contact Marie
The Volunteers benefit from the following when using EFT for themsleves (or they benefit when using for the animals):-
  • EFT works with Fear/Anxiety such as a dog that may be considered a worry to a volunteer
  • From the constant stress of caring for these animals
  • Distress, sadness from the terrible caseloads they work with
  • Homing & rehoming animals including their own loss when close to an animal
  • Death, abuse, torture & serious illness they witness sometimes on a daily basis
  • Working with highly stressed & distressed animals
  • Any health issues that may affect their work (see testimonial)
EFT helps Animals with the following:-
  • Behavioural issues
  • Relationship issues with humans, carers & other animals
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Shock, traumas
  • Homing & rehoming
  • New environments
  • Injury & illness
  • Emotional issues sometimes inherited
Special Announcement for associations worldwide:-
Read Yvonnes testimonial -she is the fund raiser & voluntray worker who heads up the team for an association in Murcia, Spain
And more kind words on Maries work in this free illustrated download 
If you are interested in Marie bringing EFT to your association, please contact her for more information