About Marie


Marie is an experienced AAMET International Master Trainer of Trainers who has trained EFT in Spain, the Balearics, Italy, UK and Internationally.

Additionally she is an official AAMET International Supervisor

She specialises in serious illness and for the last 4 years started working with animals, pets & wildlife which is a passion of hers now and a speciality.

She loves teaching EFT and mentoring as she knows it saved her life over 10 years ago following a double brain haemorrhage where nothing could help her with the remaining debilitating symptoms of severe dizziness and nausea.Except she was introduced to EFT very basically.

Following two days of using EFT very simply for herself she was back to normal! A miracle then and still is now.

She lives in the country in Spain near the coast with her partners and two dogs.

Marie is fluent Spanish and loves the Spanish way of life.

This site is a way that she can share and showcase her expertise in a fun way and help everyone discover ´tapping´.

She was often encouraged by her students who wanted her to share her own techniques and knowledge after using EFT so long as her sole techniques.She often says ´it´s too good to keep to ourselves´.

If you are interested in learning EFT with Marie, then find out more here.

She is now heavily involved and committed to animals & EFT and holds an annual conference to help people use these techniques Animal Energy World Conference

So the EFTSpain Shop was created sharing her trainings, products, supervision and free resources etc!